2017 Dussehra GIF Wallpapers Wishes Greetings 30th Sept Hindi Bengali Kannada Marathi Telugu

2017 Dussehra GIF Wallpapers Wishes Greetings 30th Sept Hindi Bengali Kannada Marathi Telugu. Hi Friends, Hope you all are doing fine. In this post, we’ll give you information about one of the most famous Indian festival Dusshehra or Dasara also known as Vijaydashmi. Dussehra is celebrated for different reasons in different parts of our country. In eastern India, it is celebrated as the end of Durga Pooja. While in northern & southern India it is celebrated as a symbol of happiness for Lord Ram’s victory over Ravana. It is believed that Lord Ram defeated demon king Ravana and brought goddess Sita back. Dusshehra is marked as a symbol of victory of good over evil. In northern India, at many places complete tale of Ramayana is played by artists for 9 days. Its known as “Ram lila”. Its a very famous tradition in many parts of our country. On the 10th day i.e. Dusshehra, effigies of Ravana, Kumbhakara (Ravana’s brother) and Meghnath (Ravana’s son) are burnt to symbolize that truth and good always triumphs over bad and evil. Durning these 10 days, you can see the temples are decorated and religious chants and songs are played everywhere. City f Mysore is one of the most famous destinations during Dusshehra or Dasara as it is called in Karnataka. In eastern India, Dusshehra comes after Navratri. Idols of goddess Durga are brought to home on the first day of Navratri and on 10th day these idols are taken to riverside for visarjan.

2017 Dussehra GIF Wallpapers Wishes Greetings 30th Sept

You can download the latest GIFs Wallpapers Wishes Greetings from our website and send it to your loved ones on this auspicious day. Please visit our website for more interesting posts on Dussehra and other festival. Wishing you all a happy Dussehra in advance.

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